Colour in Kids Spaces

Small Bob prints are designed with an iconic colour palette and thinking how children's bedroom decor is an important part of their development.

Colour plays a key role as it evokes different emotions and enhances certain strengths within children.

Our nursery prints and kids wall art are designed with colours that have the most benefits inside children's bedrooms, these are:

  • Blue – has a calming effect which lowers heart rate, blood pressure and feelings of anger/anxiety. Use this colour in abundance if your child has stressful bedtimes or behavioural problems.
  • Green – the colour of serenity and health, green is said to improve reading ability and concentration. It also helps young ones to wake up feeling fresh.
  • Yellow – associated with motivation and happiness. A pale shade like lemon will aid concentration but too much bright yellow can induce frustration. It’s better to dot this around the room in accessories and art prints.
  • Pink – pale pink is calming and will help sending your child off to sleep. Avoid painting the whole room this colour as children tend to grow out of it and it can eventually cause feelings of anxiety.

It’s better to avoid red as this is associated with anger and lack of focus. While orange is generally a friendly and optimistic colour, the brightness of the tone can also over-stimulate children.

Our colour philosphy stands by creating nursery art that brings baby room ideas to life while creating a place of comfort for children. We also use simple bold typography and pattern in all our kids prints, in a way that can trigger imagination and creativity from an early start.