How to get best results

What kind of drawing can I send?
We want to encourage kids to be creative so using different media is a great step for that. From chalk to pencils and crayons, markers, paints, watercolours or even tablet drawings.

The most important requirement is to use a white plain paper background for the drawings as this will allow a better outcome.

How do I take a photo?
Use a digital camera or smartphone, you can also scan the drawings with a scanner or a scan app in your phone like Genius Scan.

It needs to be highest possible quality and emailed as a large file preferably over 200 KB is best.

Photos taken in good light - (natural daylight is the best) without a flash and no shadows or reflections can help to get better results. Also, make sure the camera is square onto the picture.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Once we receive your image it will be cropped to fit the template and digitally edited to make sure it is the best quality for printing, however we are not changing the original drawing.