Art Prints by Kids

Art Prints made with your Kids' Drawings

ART PRINT BY KIDS is a print collection made by you and your children to encourage kids’ art. We make art prints with your kids drawings so that you can celebrate their creativity and cherish their childhood memories.

Small Bob has launched APBK as art is an essential part of children’s development. The aim of APBK is to create a community of little artists, to boost their creativity and celebrate their art. It is also a platform for parents, to find the inspiration they need to help their kids develop art with different methods and techniques and to be able to cherish those childhood drawings by taking them out of the drawers onto family home walls.

‘Children’s brains grow when they make art. Therefore, don’t show them how to do it  - just put out the art supplies and let them create spontaneously’.
From 'The Danish way of Parenting' by Alexander & Sandahl