10 Kids Room Decor Ideas


There has been a resurgence in the past years of children's room decor due to a lot of indie brands creating wonderful products and platforms like Instagram and Pinterest which are perfect for inspiration. 

A lot to choose from and new things popping all the time from organic bedsheets with incredible patterns and sophisticated colours to unique children's prints and handmade toys.

I have put together a few ideas that perhaps are not new but they have come to stay and they are perfect for neutral kids spaces. Accessories and details are key to create more personalised rooms, adapting colours and decor easily.


There are so many incredible kids bedding brands out there at the moment. Invest in good quality bedding and mix & match with more affordable accessories like cushions. 

Kids Room Trends_Bedding

Image Cred: Velveteen Babies

Droplet Garlands: Velveteen Babies
House Cushions: Camomile London
Blanket: Camomile London
Bedding Tobias & The Bear


Canopies and Buntings
Canopies are functional and effective kids decor items. Perfect to create a fairy tale or cozy environment inside the children's room. They also look good in playrooms or reading corners with rugs and cushions laid on the floor.

Kids Room Trends_Canopy

Canopy & Bunting: Numero 74


Dried eucalyptus is always an easy and nice way to bring some green to spaces. It can be hung, made as a wreath or in a vase.

Kids Room Trends_Greenery



A fantastic way to tell a special story through the wall. Animals are always perfect themes as kids can relate to them and it can easily spark conversations at storytime. Choosing versatile classic options that go beyond a certain age is key.

Kids Room Trends_WallpaperWallpapers by Jimmy Cricket
Wallpapers by Katie Hipwell


Reading Nook
An area to chill out and read a book or simply sit together during the day or at night. Create an inspiring scene to trigger their imagination and a place they can associate to storytime encouraging them to read books.

Kids Room Trends_Reading Nook

Dolls's House & Shelf, Ikea
Book Shelf, Ikea 


Roleplay Toys/Decor
Roleplay like kitchens and houses are always a win-win that can keep them entertained for long on their own but also perfect to play together with parents, siblings or friends.

Kids Room Trends_Role Play

Holdie House, Ollie Ella 
Kitchen set, Flexa


Lighting is a no brainer in any kind of interior decor. It can easily translate a style and mood through the design. There are lots of options that can trigger children's imagination like birdcages and balloons. More retro style lighting is also on-trend and is a good idea when trying to break a bit the child theme with something a bit more grown-up.

Lighting in Kids Rooms

 Birdcage Lamp, Mathieu Challières


Never underestimate the importance of storage in a house with kids or in a children's room. Hiding toys, teddies, lego pieces, etc. is essential for any parent's peace of mind. Luckily, storage comes in all shapes and sizes, so there is plenty to choose from. Fabric bags, baskets, and plastic crates are the ultimate storage solutions. The crates have become really popular lately as they are not only stylish but stackable and easy to keep if they are not being used as they fold flat. I personally love the Aykasa crates, the colours are amazing!

 Kids room storage crates

 Storage Crates


Carpets & Rugs
Rugs are the perfect accessory to add a bit of coziness to the kids' room. As with lighting, these are items that are easy to change and they bring style into spaces with little effort. Some of my favourites include the super fun animal rugs by Doing Goods or the Fruticana Pineapple rug by Ferm Living Kids. Jute rugs are also great to layer with sheepskin for a cool mix-and-match look.

 Children's room rugs and carpets

Animal Rug, Doing Goods
Pineapple Rug, Ferm Living


There is no mystery in how shelves have become a thing lately but styling a shelf is not always an easy task! They allow you to showcase your precious items but the key is to keep them simple and uncluttered in order to show things at its best. 

 Shelves decor in Children's room

Image Cred: Room to Bloom


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