Mum and Baby Gift Wishlist


New Mum & Baby Wishlist

A new baby is a wonderful gift, becoming a mother too, however you probably sometimes wished you did not get so may clothes for baby and you probably missed a little something for yourself. This is a bit of the essence of what Small Bob is, simple, essential and memorable baby gifts.

One of the things I did not expect is to receive so many gifts, it was even more gifts than in my wedding, everything is much appreciated but often, when in desperate need, you would have wished you had something that would help baby soothe or help you relax and sleep.

If you could have chosen gifts, what would you have liked? I have compiled a list of essentials that include furniture, clothes, beauty, home decor and accesories. Almost all of these products have been tried by myself except for a couple that are also on my wishlist, still, the ones I have tried, have 'saved my day and night' many times. I believe that baby products should be versatile and functional, fitting your lifestyle without making too many compromises.

1. Cot by Quax
Lovely design that is versatile and fits several nursery interiors styles.

2. Pacifiers by BIBS
Good functional design and classic style pacifiers.

3. Rose & Patchouli Bath Salts by Nathalie Bond
Amazing scent, stays in your bathroom and skin, perfect to relax.

4. Swaddle by Pehr
Soft and extra large, perfect to use in different situations.

5. Bouncer by BabyBjorn
One of the 'life savers', it lets you do other things while keeping baby entertained.

6. Palmarosa & Vetiver Handcream by Austin Austin
Stylish packaging design and good quality handcream with a beautiful aroma.

7. Moccasins by Amy & Ivor
I am willing to try Amy & Ivor, lovely handmade and stylish shoes.

8. Storage bag by Tellkiddo
Storage is a must have with kids, this paper bags can pack everything away and they fit any room in the house.

9. Eames RAR rocking chair at Heals
Another 'day and night' life saver, a rocking chair is a must, it soothes baby and mum!

10. Personalised Name wall print by Small Bob
A timeless design and beautiful gift for baby to keep forever.

11. Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod by Sleepyhead
This one is a bit personal, but it was good for us, when baby is small it gives them a cosy feel and it can fit in a cot or crib which means not having to buy different furniture for each stage.

12. Trip Trap high chair by Stokke
Great to make baby part of the table when they start to eat, it is also functional and grows with baby. Plus the design is minimal and fits several styles.

13. Light water by Minois
Another lovely scent for baby and you! Great after a bath or nappy change.

14. Sleepy playsuit by Organic Zoo
All Organic Zoo's clothes are super soft and made with organic cotton. Design is also cute and stylish!

15. Bibs set by Pehr
These bibs are big and have a double sided print to use both sides, it also has a snap button which makes it easy for you to put on baby.

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