How to Hang Art Prints


We often fall in love with a print and immediately the question arises: how am I going to hang this print? Gallery walls have never been so popular, they transform the space with very little. A curated wall will make your home breath a little bit of you and your personality. There are loads of interesting and easy ways to hang and display prints. I have prepared this post with six options which are simple but effective. 

How to display prints

How to display prints

Classic wood frame

1. Classic wood frame: you can never go wrong with a classic wood frame. This is timeless and suits all interiors easily. It can be displayed on a shelf or nailed to the wall. I personally love the shelf display which can be easily done with Mosslanda shelving by Ikea, this one is specific to display frames, books, etc.

Bulldog clips to hang prints

2. Bulldog clips: a super easy option, it looks fun and means you can mix an match as well as change your prints easily. You just need two bulldog clips, nail them to the wall and voila! Also, bulldog clips now come in all shapes and form, which means you can play with design and colour to create a more personal style.

Magnetic wood frames for prints

3. Magnetic wood frames: these are super popular at the moment and we can see clearly why. They are super easy to use and very neutral which means it will always look good no matter your style. 

Snap hangers to display prints

4. Snap hangers: almost anyone would find one of these at home, wouldn't you? it's an easy to-go option that looks fun and fresh. This would look great in a studio or home office to jazz it up a bit.

Perspex and clip frames

5. Perspex clip frame: this has been one of our most popular options within Small Bob. We offer these frames in A3 and A4 and the reason is that they are an affordable and very neutral option. They can be hanged or displayed, and if you are buying the print as a gift, you know this will look great in any interior style.

Clip gallery prints

6. Bulldog clips with thread: at last I wanted to add a cool option which can be perfect in a hallway or a kitchen. It is also perfect for smaller prints like A5 or A6 sizes or even great to mix up with other media like photos or kids drawings.

Hope this has inspired you a little bit! There are plenty of ideas and sources like Pinterest can make wonders! Follow us on Pinterest, we have a dedicated board to frames.


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