Fingerprint Art for Kids by Marion Deuchars

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Today I want to share with you a great book recommendation that I am sure will inspire most of you in these long days of lockdown. We are all looking for things to do with the kids at home, ways to keep them entertained but also inspired and active. I have always been a fan of Marion Deuchars, she is an award-winning Scottish illustrator and author who has published several books. A few years ago, I bought the 'Let's Make some Great Fingerprint Art' for my nephew who was five or six at the time, I thought the book was inventive in such a beautiful and simple way!

Fingerprint Art with Kids

Kids Fingerprint Art

On Marion's website the book is described as below:

"The fingerprint is the most universal form of mark making. Discover different and surprising ways of creating pictures with finger- and handprints. Create birds, lions and reindeer; invent strange creatures by combining fingerprints and blowpainting; make fingerprint stencil art or create your own gallery of aliens and monsters. From flowers and bees to dinosaurs and skeletons – let the inky fingers begin!"

Fingerprint Art

Fingerprint Art

The results when following these marvelous ideas can be beautiful and unique, as fingerprints are our very own mark of identity. So I encourage you to try some fingerprint art with the kids!

Fingerprint Art for Kids

You can buy Let's Make some Great Fingerprint Art' here
Find more about Marion Deuchars's work here


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