How to Create an Inspiring Baby Nursery


What does it take to create an inspiring and memorable place for a new arrival? From choosing the colour of the walls to the bedding, new mums often ask themselves and friends how to style and decorate a baby nursery. So many questions and also the fact that kids grow up fast and one day the baby room has to become a toddler's room. This is why we design our prints to suit all ages and to grow with the kids from an early age to even teenage years. 

We have asked four experts in Kids Decor to tell us what makes a baby nursery special and their top picks for the new baby's room. See below their fab choices and advice!


Laura, Pop & Punch

SB: How do you create an inspiring nursery/what elements make it special?

Decorating a new nursery is exciting and with so much inspiration out there it can be hard to pick a direction. It’s important to remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time in there so it needs to be comfortable, relaxing and practical for you all. Remember you’ll be using that changing table a lot so make sure you can reach all the important supplies. For me a comfy and stylish feeding chair is the cornerstone of the nursery.

Make sure the room suits you as well as little one, so that you can relax in there for feeds and bedtime too.

SB: Which are your top choices for baby room decor?

You can never have enough storage in a nursery, our toy sacks are perfect from newborn room though to teen rooms and in your family spaces too. Want to hide the contents, then simply pull the drawstrings and pretend it’s not there.

Gold Stella/Blue Night is by far our most popular print, but we have prints to suit all styles and tastes.

Laura's Pick

Baby Nursery Decor storage is key


Hannah, West Stanton

SB: How do you create an inspiring nursery/what elements make it special?

A nursery should be a calm place for you and your child to spend the morning and evening in. Both you need to find comfort there, whether it’s a great chair, bed or cot. When thinking about decorating and accessorising the space, make sure of what the room has to offer. Try not to over clutter the space, make sure you have enough storage. Also look into lighting, as you may need to go in during the night.

A dimmer switch or warm lit lamps are ideal for this. Choose a colour scheme or theme that will last for years. Whether it’s animals, adventure, underwater or characters, if you get it right, you won’t need to look to change it for years to come.

SB: Which are your top choices for baby room decor?

We love using mobiles in nursery’s and 'weather' ones tend to be the favourite but there are plenty to choose from to fit with the room. Mobiles don’t have to be all singing and dancing, they can be calm and complimentary - that way the child won’t grow out of them but grow with them. Three years on and our son still loves his hanging clouds in his 'adventure' style room.

Hannah's Pick

Baby Nursery Decor Mobiles


Rebecca, Little Jagger

SB: How do you create an inspiring nursery/what elements make it special?

I think there are a few ways that you can create the perfect nursery. I think initially it is important to either choose a colour scheme that you really love or a product (a cushion, wallpaper, bed linen) then build around this and you will create something that you love. Monochrome decor is perfect for babies as the contrast is great for them to look at rather than pastel shades, and it is unisex so if you don't find out the sex of your baby you can still decorate. Personally I like to look at something a little timeless too that will last for a few years, or that you can style up when your baby gets a little older. 

SB: Which are your top choices for baby room decor?

I think beautiful cot sheets will add something special to a nursery (especially if you opt for something simple) a comfortable nursing chair, a nice lamp for the evening and storage, for all the nappies/creams etc that you will need. Beautiful prints can also create a special feel in a room.

Rebecca's Pick 

Baby Nursery Decor Bed sheets

Baby Nursery Decor Lampshade

Emma, Mama + Max

SB: How do you create an inspiring nursery/what elements make it special?

Planning and decorating your new arrival's nursery can be so much fun and your first stop should be Pinterest, we cannot recommend it enough. Create your own board and you’ll soon have your perfect nursery mapped out. We have even done the hard work for you and created a board of nursery inspiration, check it out here. 

SB: Which are your top choices for baby room decor?

For us though, creating the perfect nursery is all in the details, once you have painted the walls and assembled the furniture you can start filling the space with so many treasures. We love the Scandinavian brands for their simplicity and gorgeous accessories. From the beautiful rainbow mobiles that can be hung over the cot, wall hangings that will add a special touch to any nursery wall, the cute comforters, bedding, teething toys and rattles, these brands just get it right and we have a range of products to suit. One of our favourites is definitely the Olli Ella changing baskets, as these chic baskets offer a sustainable alternative to plastic changing mats and can be used for storage long after your baby grows up.

Emma's Pick

Baby Nursery Decor Olli Ella Changing Basket


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